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Mold Mistakes

  • Try not to disturb mold colonies after you’ve located them. Air motion will send millions of viable spore into the air, cross-contaminating the rest of the room/structure.
  • When remodeling, if you open up ceilings or walls and find mold, stop until the hazard can be analyzed. Tearing out moldy building materials has the same effect as above.
  • Trying to kill mold with bleach or other fungicides does not remove the toxins from the air. A dead spore will continue to give off toxins until it is removed.
  • Mold will grow as long as there is enough moisture and a food source. Mold spores can stay dormant for up to 10 years until the right conditions can sitimulate the growth.
  • Sealing and painting over mold does not kill the mold or remove the toxins. It is only a short-term fix while poor health symptoms will continue.

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