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Through a customized solution approach, let us help you maintain your property value and protect the health of building occupants. Moldex offers comprehensive mold and moisture inspection and remediation solutions for:

Home Buyers

Home Sellers


Property Management & REO Property

Moisture & Mold Contamination Concerns

Ice Dams

Home Inspections for Mold & Moisture

Our “standard” inspection is anything but a one-sizefits- all approach. We understand all about building and mold issues, and we’ve never seen two projects that are exactly alike. We will treat your mold concern as a one-of-akind situation — because it is.

We are often able to work in the role of facilitator, helping to assess mold/moisture issues for realtors, buyers, sellers, lenders and others involved in property transactions. Many times we have been credited with keeping property transactions on track, and/or assessed properly to facilitate a fair and equitable transactions.


Critical products and services provided by Moldex include:

  • Confidential transactions for our clients
  • Mold Inspection
  • Mold Remediation
  • Soda Blasting
  • Stucco Home Inspections utilizing Infrared cameras
  • Green mold cleaning and sealing products
  • Insurance and storm claims
  • IICRC Certified Management

Working with Moldex is all about building a partnership of trust and understanding. We provide customized solutions for your situation including:

  • A commitment to provide comprehensive and accurate inspections and assessments of mold and moisture intrusions
  • Complete, detailed and professional reports and bids for our customers These documents include explanations of all critical aspects for inspections and/or bids
  • Fair and competitive pricing based upon a practical scope of work
  • Utilization of protocols to protect occupant health and property values
  • All remediation will be priced before work begins
  • The utilization of Green remediation product and solutions

J. Michael Ring of Moldex teaches a Minnesota accredited
continuing education class on mold.


Located in St. Paul, Minnesota serving Minneapolis,
St. Paul and the Twin Cities Metro Area

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